What do you know about Topper’s Mountain Terroir?

And the varieties we grow?

And the wines we make?

…and mainly, do you want to win one, two or even ten bottles of wine?

Join us for the first TOPPERS TERROIR TRIVIA on Friday the 1st of May at 8pm. We’ll be live streaming via Toppers Facebook profile directly from the vineyard.

We miss having visitors in our vineyard so we decided to invite you over (well at least virtually) to have some wine fun and potentially carry away free wine! Well, not really free – you have to earn it. We will ask our followers TEN questions about our vineyard, grape varieties we grow and wines we make and you can answer on the timelineFIRST correct answer on EACH question wins a bottle of Topper’s wine! 

All you need to do is to follow us on Facebook and wait for the show: Friday 1st of May at 8pm. And maybe open your favourite Topper’s wine before we start.

Stay safe & see you next Friday on Toppers FB profile!!


Mark, Jan & the Topper’s Mountain Team