At Topper’s Mountain we aim for quality, not quantity, which translates to both our small production of high quality wines and keeping the wine club exclusive to our Top 100 closest friends.


  • Three times a year customizable six-packs straight to your door!
  • $165 – $185 for each six-pack (before freight). Prices are subject to change as each six-pack is customized.
  • 15% discount on all wine purchases.
  • Free freight on first order.
  • Exclusive first access to annual limited release wines at member’s only prices.
  • Exclusive access to treasured back vintages. Here we cellar significant vintages, keeping a careful eye on them as they age, to release to you at the height of their ‘depth’?
  • Exclusive access to all Topper’s Mountain Wines events.
    These events include:
    – New Releases Tasting: Located at either our Warriewood commercial cellar or my residential cellar, new releases will be tasted, compared and discussed. Usually held sometime in November, with a second, later release in March.
    – Dinner and Tastings: Wine and Dine in a selected restaurant annually or if we’re lucky even biannually. Restaurants will be located in Sydney, at Topper’s vineyard itself, surrounding towns near the vineyard (Inverell, Guyra, Armidale) or hopefully even on the coast (we’re working on it!).
    – Private tastings and tour of the vineyard whenever you’re up our way. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL.


Unlike many wine clubs we have no contracts or joining fees, it’s as simple as delivering our top wines each year to our Top 100 members.

To become a member, just fill out the Top 100 membership form, including your credit card details. Each quarter when the newsletter is distributed, you have the opportunity to customize your own six-pack, choosing from any six bottles of your choice, mixed reds, mixed whites or combination mixed reds and whites (all mixed six-packs include the latest releases). Six-packs will be delivered in early January, April, August and December each year, with an email sent out several weeks before reminding you of the delivery and prompting you to reply with your specific order. If we don’t receive an email detailing your order, a six-pack of your default selection will be delivered. More than one six-pack can be ordered at each quarter. Your credit card details will be used to process payment. If you would like to cancel your membership, simply click the ‘cancel’ button and you will no longer receive quarterly six-packs and your card will not be charged.

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