Hats Down, Glasses Up! Join us for Harvest Feast on 6th June to Celebrate yet Another Difficult Vintage

The 2021 vintage blessed us with abundant rain & humidity during the harvest which wasn't exactly what we were looking for. It was a thriller vintage with many difficult decisions on when to pick as not to lose the fruit but to also achieve solid ripeness. This vintage definitely tested our strength & determination. But we made [...]

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Replanting job at Topper’s Mountain vineyard goes on in 2020. We offer you a second chance to adopt a baby vine!

In February 2019, devastating bushfires stormed The Topper’s Mountain vineyard. To help aid the gargantuan long-term resurrection job, Topper’s My Vine Club is offering you again the opportunity to adopt a baby vine to replace one killed by the fire. Altogether, we’ve lost 18.0% of our vines in 2019; mostly from the Gewürztraminer, Tempranillo and Tannat plantings but there [...]

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Topper´s but Were Afraid to Ask

In October we were asked by our UK importer The Vinorium to answer few questions on our vineyard and our approach to grape growing and winemaking. It turned up as a pretty long but interesting read.      Topper’s will be the first winery from New England that we have worked with. Can you tell us [...]

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Our Maiden Voyage: In 2018, off the back of a near-perfect vintage, we created and launched our first rosé, Pink Submarine. This new, low-intervention offering combined several firsts for us beyond it being our first rosé. Pink Submarine was the result of our first collaboration with winemaker Jared ‘Jilly’ Dixon. It is also (to our [...]

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