Pinotage Day at Topper´s Mountain Vineyard

11th of October, 11am-4pm Many grape varieties have an official day to celebrate their uniqueness and Pinotage is not an exception. Its special day is on the 10th of October! Pinotage is rare to see planted outside South Africa. There are currently no more than ten vineyards in Australia growing this grape and Topper´s Mountain is one of [...]

2020-09-20T20:47:56+11:00September 20th, 2020|

MANSENG – Petit? Gros… no GREAT! Friday 4th September 8pm

Manseng is one of our great success stories with Alternative Varieties, its small berries, tough skins & open bunches make it very resistant to botrytis, the bane of our high summer rainfall. Mike Bennie: Such a good wine. A strong assertion of individuality by Topper’s. Petit Manseng or Gros Manseng? While we believed we planted [...]

2020-08-21T14:27:39+11:00August 21st, 2020|

Aussie Shiraz At Risk From Climate Change | Topper’s Mountain Wines

Recently, Jan had a chat with our friend, Andrew Messenger at the Northern Daily Reader discussing the future of Shiraz in this country (and our single estate vineyard!). Despite being 'Australia's favourite grape', the variety struggles with the hot, dry climate, more suited to its traditional home, the Rhône Valley in France, with its milder [...]

2020-08-02T16:29:46+11:00August 3rd, 2020|

Wild Yeasts and Where to Find Them at Topper’s Mountain Wines

Here at Topper's Mountain, we are no stranger to wild ferments! This means we don't add any commercial yeasts to our wines and rely on the naturally occurring microorganisms present on the grapes when harvested, any hanging around in the vineyard, on surfaces or in the air. As Corinna Wright tells us, 'Another strength is [...]

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