February 2019: The Tingha Plateau bushfire storms through the Topper’s Mountain vineyard, just hours before the start of the harvest. In the days following, the ash settled and we were able to take stock of the damage wrought by the flames. Kilometres of irrigation drip lines were melted and hundreds of hardwood posts were reduced to charcoal. Over 3000 vines (around 18% of the vineyard) were killed. The entire 2019 vintage (bar around 675kg harvested from the hill) was unusable due to smoke taint.

Then the real work began.

We started replanting in December 2019. Again, Mother Nature had other plans, with a 6 month long drought wiping out 50% of the newly planted baby vines. A cold spring followed in 2020, postponing the resurrection efforts even further. But, there is hope!

Thanks to the generous support of My Vine Club members, we’ve replanted (however many baby vines?) across 5 varieties. This has given us a great head start, but there are still over 2000 baby vines up for adoption across some of Topper’s most rare and iconic varieties, including:
• Gewurztraminer
• Manseng
• Nebbiolo
• Tannat
• Tempranillo.


Want to get involved?

By becoming a member of the My Vine Club, you’ll not only have the warm, fuzzy feeling of parenthood (without the mess), you’ll also have the eternal gratitude of the Topper’s team and;

• A certificate of adoption (including a custom tag engraved with your name and your vine’s name).
• We’ll update you twice a year on the development of your vine.
• Two bottles of wine of your chosen variety.
• Unlimited 5% discount on any purchase at the Topper’s Cellar Door or online shop.
• An offer to purchase a dozen bottles of wine of your chosen variety for wholesale price once a year.
• An invitation to My Vine Club Day in the vineyard (every third Sunday in February).
• All Top 100 Wine Club members also get an increased discount from 15% to 20% on any purchase (including regular club runs).
• Cost: $300

We can’t wait for you to meet your baby vine and help re-grow the vineyard!

The Topper’s Team x

Want more info? Check out our My Vine FAQ’s HERE.


Feel free to call Jan 0431 752 910 or Mark 0411 880 580 in case you need more details.