My Vine Club FAQ’s

What if I’m already Topper’s TOP 100 CLUB member?

If you are TOP 100 CLUB member you can, of course, become member of the My Vine Club as well! Your current 15% discount will be increased to 20% (on any purchase including regular club runs). You will receive all the other benefits included in My Vine Club membership.

Can I give my baby vine a name?

Not that you can, you actually have to! See instructions in the My Vine Club form.

Do I need to look after my baby vine?

No. We’ll feed your baby vine, protect it from frosts, hail or diseases, change its nappies and train it to grow grapes. (Unless you want to give us a hand in the vineyard).

Can I use My Vine membership as a Christmas present for someone else?

Now, that’s a great idea! Of course. Follow instructions in the My Vine Club form.