Here at Topper’s Mountain, we are no stranger to wild ferments! This means we don’t add any commercial yeasts to our wines and rely on the naturally occurring microorganisms present on the grapes when harvested, any hanging around in the vineyard, on surfaces or in the air.

As Corinna Wright tells us,

‘Another strength is the ability of a wild ferment to provide the winemaker and consumer with a truly terroir driven wine, representative of the particular vineyard and season right down to the microbial makeup of the ferment.’

Read more on Wild Ferments and the fermentation process here!

That’s why at Topper’s Mountain we love our wild yeasts! They add depth, spontaneity and complexity to our wines and make them truly unique and terroir driven.

Try one of our many wild ferments for yourself! Our 2013 Wild Ferment Tempranillo is a Juicy, elegant and already quite approachable Tempranillo.


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