Well, as most of you know there was NO harvest this year at Topper’s Mountain because the Tingah Plateau fire stripped the wines for us (more on that here). As sad and traumatic as it has been, it would be even sadder if we didn’t hold our annual harvest feast!

So, this year, we’re calling it the NOHarvest Feast and we’re going to enjoy ourselves in the same way as Dionysus (the ancient Greek god of wine) would. With food and wine. With a bit of luck he will be pleased and look after our vineyard for future vintages.

Luckily our wine cellar wasn’t affected by the fires so we aren’t short of wine (including some new releases) and there’ll be at least one beast on the spit as well!


When: Sunday 19th of May 2019 – kick off at noon

Where: Topper’s Mountain Vineyard (click here for directions)

Tickets* – $7 available HERE

Don’t worry! We’re only asking you to buy tickets so that we can get a good understanding of how many people we can expect and cater for!

Bring your ticket invoice with you as you’ll need it to get in & it can be used to purchase a glass of wine or a can of beer.  Kids are welcome and for free of course.

The Auction

Topper's Mountain wines annual harvest feast New England boutique vineyard

Unfortunately it wasn´t only our vineyard that was hit by the Tingha Plateau bushfires. Many people lost their houses and businesses in the area and we would like to do our little bit to help by organising a small fundraising event during the Topper’s Mountain NOHarvest Feast.

Cases of our wine will be offered at auction and proceeds after costs will go to local charities which will be announced on the day.


Buying good wine is a good feeling but buying good wine for a great cause is even better!


If you would like more info on the event or directions please drop me an email at jan@toppers.com.au or call/text me on 0431-752-910 or Mark 0411-880-580.


Signing off,
The Topper’s Mountain Team

Topper’s Mountain Wines, 13420 Guyra Rd., Tingha 2369. Turn into the Mount Topper State Forest & follow the signs.