In February 2019, devastating bushfires stormed The Topper’s Mountain vineyard. To help aid the gargantuan long-term resurrection job, Topper’s My Vine Club is offering you again the opportunity to adopt a baby vine to replace one killed by the fire.

Altogether, we’ve lost 18.0% of our vines in 2019; mostly from the Gewürztraminer, Tempranillo and Tannat plantings but there are some dead in all blocks.

The replanting job begun in December 2019 but once again nature wasn´t on our side. Precipitation in the last six months of 2019 was 80% below long-term average which means new baby vines had extremely hard conditions from the start. We did our best irrigating them, even manually, but at the end we could only pray for their survival.

It appeared that the toughest little vines were in rows of Nebbiolo, Tempranillo and Gewürztraminer where seven or eight out of ten made it through the dry months. Tannat and Manseng, on the other hand, had unfortunately much less survivors. All in all only half of the newly planted baby vines survived the summer which means we are currently doing another massive replatnting job.

The good news is, there are still almost two thousand baby vines looking for their new, supportive parents. The My Vine Club is a chance for our supporters to help in the resurrection of the vineyard by investing in and nurturing the growth of a baby vine. We’re sure you would find it an interesting and satisfying experience.

What is My Vine Club?

We’d love to offer our community the opportunity to adopt a newly planted baby vine for a one of cost of $300. As ‘parents’ you will receive a Certificate of Adoption with the specific address of your baby vine.

We will inform you twice a year on the development of your baby vine, its growth and of course, you will always be welcome to visit your baby vine in the vineyard. In addition, there will be a special My Vine event each year and you will have the opportunity to buy wine of the same variety for a very special price.

Click HERE to adopt your baby vine tree!


What is included in the My Vine Club?

– A certificate of adoption of your baby vine which will get a tag with its name and – of course – your name

– Two bottles of wine of your chosen variety

– Unlimited 5% discount on any purchase at the Topper’s Cellar Door or on-line shop

– An offer to purchase a dozen of wine of your chosen variety for wholesale price once a year

What if I’m already Topper’s TOP 100 CLUB member?

If you are TOP 100 CLUB member you can, of course, become member of the My Vine Club as well! Your current 15% discount will be increased to 20% (on any purchase including regular club runs). You will receive all the other benefits included in My Vine Club membership.

Can I give my baby vine a name?

Not that you can, you actually have to! See instructions in the My Vine Club form.

Do I need to look after my baby vine?

No. We’ll feed your baby vine, protect it from frosts, hail or diseases, change its nappies and train it to grow grapes. (Unless you want to give us a hand in the vineyard).

Can I use My Vine membership as a Christmas present for someone else?

Now, that’s a great idea! Of course. Follow instructions in the My Vine Club form.