Topper’s Mountain Wines & New England Brewing invite you to GET YOUR HANDS & FEET DIRTY – on Sunday 17th of February!

ALL TOGETHER! Day is about a real harvest experience. The sun is rising, it’s early in the morning, you’ve got secateurs in one hand & bin in the other. The tension, the jitters, the dramatic silence… but your hand is firm, your mind focused, you feel like a gladiator… and the grapes are waiting just for you. Will it be you or them?

And these grapes are pretty special. Not only are they coming from our beloved Topper’s vineyard but the grapes will be:
Picked ALL TOGETHER by you – our friends & supporters
– All white and some red varieties picked on this day will be blended ALL TOGETHER in a pet-nat wine
– And last but not least, ALL TOGETHER with New England Brewery grapes will be used to make a special batch of grape flavoured farmhouse beer

Whether you live close to Topper’s vineyard or you’re from Sydney, Brissie or southern Kolkata, you are more than welcome in our vineyard. Even if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, we would still love to have you at the vineyard. Firstly, you can entertain yourself watching us running around like headless chickens trying to collect the grapes as fast as possible dfore they warm up with the day and secondly, you can get your feet dirty helping us to tread the grapes in the bins! What if you don’t want to get dirty at all? No worries, it’s still worth to come because we will throw an epic party in the afternoon and treat ourselves with great Topper’s wines, fantastic New England beers and I’m sure we will have something tasty to eat as well.

When: 17th of February from 6.30am!

Where: Topper’s Mountain Vineyard (click here for directions or put “Topper’s Mountain Wines” into google maps)

– Early morning start (We’re sorry but grapes like to be picked fresh even if we don’t feel the same…)
– We will pick 1.5 tonne of grapes and tread them in the bins
– After the bins are loaded on the truck heading straight to the winery, the party starts and won’t end until late…

Everyone who help us with picking will receive a package containing 2 bottles of Topper’s ALL TOGETHER! Pet-Nat & a 6pack of New England Brewing ALL TOGETHER! farmhouse! Right to your doorstep – when they are ready of course!

– You can pitch your tent in the vineyard or just cover yourself with the stars & of course you can come to the vineyard already on Saturday evening if you need to drive from far away.
– If you can’t be without bed and hot shower we are happy to suggest accommodation for you approx. 30 minutes from the vineyard.

Please let me know if you’re interested in the ALL TOGETHER! event and would like to join us picking grapes and partying. I will keep you updated with details and most importantly the DATE!

Jan from Topper’s
0431 752 910

Jan, Mark, Colin & the Topper’s Mountain mob.

Topper’s Mountain Wines, 13420 Guyra Rd., Tingha 2369. Turn into the Mount Topper State Forest & follow the signs.