While 2020 Submarines are (almost) sold out there are three more wine on release right now. 2020 was a tough one (as it became usual in the last few years) but the wines are nevertheless lovely which is a great reward for our work and determination.


Particularly challenging vintage. Second half of 2019 was affected by a massive drought and numerous bushfires across the east coast. Topper´s received 110mm of rain from July to December which is 490mm(!) below long-term average. On the other hand, we were ´blessed´ with a whopping 430mm during the harvest period. The overall crop was down to 25% but unlike many other vintners we were lucky to escape smoke taint issues. Saying all of that some exciting wines came out of this vintage if only in small volumes. A year to put behind us but not forget.


A few years ago we opened a great bottle of Topper’s Viognier 2010 and looked at each other with the same thought: Why the heck don’t we make straight Viognier? This wine is another great example of why aromatic & textural white varieties do so well at Topper’s Mountain terroir. Warm but not hot days and very cold nights provide the grapes with long hangtime for steady slow ripening without losing their vibrant freshness. Apricot jam & pepper on the forefront – the hallmarks of Viognier – are accompanied by quince, citrus candy and herbal notes in the rich, roundy mid-palate which zooms to a juicy peppery finish to just linger for ages. Wine of a beautiful textural balance to be enjoyed with food which will benefit from a few years in the cellar. Click HERE to order.


The drought affected vintage made our vines struggle to build a full size canopy – a much needed power plant pushing the grapes to full ripeness. Nebbiolo was definitely one of our biggest concerns as it needs the longest hangtime. Fortunately, the power of our Terroir proved its strength again! Our first thought after we tasted the wine was: Damn, this is pretty! This Nebbiolo is a very light expression of the variety but its juiciness, vibrancy and energy is just through the roof. Imagine a splashing wave of raspberries, forest Strawberries and rose buds effortlessly carried by crunchy red currant like acidity to soft savoury finish with mild yet very present Nebbiolistic tannins. The energy and verve of the wine called for an early release with a slightly tweaked label VINO GIOVANE – youthful charming wine to enjoy right now. Click HERE to order.


Kvevri is a large clay amphorae dug in the ground which has been used for thousands of years to make white and red wines in Georgia. When we found that our friends from Granite Belt based La Petite Mort winery purchased 12 of these (from Georgia of course) we didn´t hesitate a minute and asked to ´borrow´ one for our Touriga Nacional, Tinto Cão and Tinta Roriz blend. Co-fermentation of these varieties has a centuries-old tradition in the Douro Valley in Portugal. Grapes were destemmed and put into kvevri to ferment and age for 180 days! What comes out is unbelievably juicy and fresh wine boasting of all kinds of black fruits, dried herbs, liquorice and spice. At the same time it has very precise and soft tannin structure although it didn´t spend a single minute in oak barrel. That´s what clay vessels are all about – creating great fruit aromas and flavours yet providing perfectly shaped tannic backbone. Click HERE to order.